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Cheap cigarettes online shop is a perfect online shop for qualitative and affordable cigarettes. We offer such brands as: Marlboro, Camel, Dunhill, Winston, Parliament, Classic, Kent etc. The list of the products is constantly updated with the new cigarette brands from around the globe. You won’t see anywhere such qualitative European cigarettes at amazingly low prices as we offer at CigarettesFactory.

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24/7 customer service takes care of customer’s inqueries and complaints. If you want to know anything about the cigarette brands, prices, or the current status of your order — just send us an e-mail. The contact info is provided on the «Contact» page. Frequent questions are answered in the FAQ section, check it first if you have any questions.

The procedure of placing the order is quite simple: you need to choose cigarettes you like, click on «Buy» button and then fill out shipping/billing and Visa Card details. Our website is absolutely safe. Package is shipped in 15 business days.

We care about every client and your satisfaction is our top priority.

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All our products are made in Eastern Europe and the cartons and packs are properly sealed and marked by the respective manufacturers. Strictly, there are no counterfeits in the cigarettes we sell.

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Many sites offer a wide variety of cigarette brands like Marlboro, Winston, Salem, Gitanes, Parliament, Gauloises, Rothmans, Viceroy and others. But only some of them offer discount cheap cigarettes of the same brands. That is why they can be a perfect place for retailers to find Quality discount cheap cigarettes at wholesale prices. Many wholesale companies give the exact information where the goods are produced and being shipped from. When buying tax free quality cheap cigarettes you definitely have the ability to buy a volume. Certainly the top selling cigarettes nowadays are the following brands: Marlboro, Salem, Winston and Camel. These cigarette brands can be bought by retailers at incredible low wholesale prices offering a huge ROI.

You can purchase all kinds of cigarette brands at discount price from our online store. Buying cheap cigarettes you get premium and good quality cigarettes by the world leading cigarette manufacturers. You have an opportunity to purchase original tobacco products by the world leading cigarette manufacturers such as Philip Morris, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobaco Int., Reemstma and others.

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Discount cigarette coupons

The regular smokers find cigarette coupons to be a blessing in disguise for a savings in their cigarette expenditure. This is because these cigarette coupons can be exchanged for a discount on the rates of their brand of cigarettes. It is usually the store seller who gives a customer a cigarette coupon once it is known that the customer is a person who regularly buys some fixed brand of cigarettes. Besides cigarette sellers, there are also guerilla marketing representatives who distribute these cigarette coupons. These guerilla marketing representatives generally distribute these cigarette coupons in bars and other adult social gatherings. The objective of distributing cigarette coupons by these marketers lie in making an effort to get smokers to change their brand of cheap cigarettes to the specific brands of these marketers.
With a cigarette coupon, the cigarette smoker does not have to pay the full retail price that is printed to the cigarettes. So the next time the smoker buys premium cigarettes using the cigarette coupons, they can avail this discount on the cigarette price. Cigarette coupons are offered for both free and discounted cigarettes. The cigarette coupons offered for discounted cigarettes are called discount cigarette coupons. The discount cigarette coupon can be used by the smoker for redemption for a discount, when making their next cigarette purchase. These discount cigarette coupons however cannot be exchanged for cash and are found in most stores selling your brand of cheap premium cigarettes.
Most of the cigarette companies today offer discount cigarette coupons which include menthol cigarettes, Marlboro cigarettes, Virginia slims, cheap camel cigarettes and cheap Salem. Today discount cigarette coupons are not only available in many stores; they are also found published in weekend newspapers and supermarket flyers. So if you are on the lookout for discount cigarette coupons, keep a look out here for your discount cigarette coupons. Those who buy cigarettes online find that there are many websites that offer discount cigarette coupons to those who have bought cigarettes from their online stores. You can avail a savings of a maximum of twenty dollars when you buy cigarette online, and thus join their website.
You just have to make comparisons with the different discount cigarette coupons offered by different stores and websites and decide on where you earn maximum savings on buying your brand of premium cigarettes. All you have to do to use these discount cigarette coupons when buying cigarettes online is to type a code or print them out so that you can redeem them at stores selling your particular brand of cigarettes.
Though it is possible to get discount cigarette coupons from online and offline stores, it is basically better and more convenient for you to get your coupons directly from the company itself. With this option, you also get an opportunity of getting yourself listed in the mailing lists most companies have so that you are ensured of a continuous supply of discount cigarette coupons which you can use to get your discount cigarettes.

Premium cheap tobacco cigarettes

Premium cheap tobacco products are imported into US from Europe in large scales of late. And interestingly, these are not bulk consignments, but retail imports.

This trend is the direct fallout of the tax hike happened in US on cigarette and tobacco products in the last few years as a result of which a carton on Camel now costs about $70 ballpark. In fact, within months of the tax hike, cigarette makers and local businesses have reported a steep decrease in their sales as compared with the revenues generated same time last year. Quite evidently, the average customers in the US are not able to buy in advance their daily and weekly stocks like before given the high prices of cartons.

Cheap cigarettes – imported from Europe – are sold at a lower price tag through online stores is owing to the huge tax difference that exists between European countries and the US and the cheap labor available in Europe in general. Also, in order to tap this low price market, cigarette makers such as Marlboro and Winston have already entered into contracts with third party tobacco product makers based in Asia and Europe. It can be called cigarette outsourcing; getting the cigarettes made in places where the labor is cheap, and leverage on the resulting lower overall cost in selling them in where it is in demand. In this case, the latter destination is nowhere by the United States.

So, to what extend the end user benefits from the new market dynamics? Well, when the cigarettes from the neighborhood sell at nearly $70-75 per carton, the imported cheap cigarettes carries only a price tag that is as less as $30-35, which is nearly one-fourth of the former. Further, the online purchases are delivered at the door.
In some states, one may be required to pay some customs duty, but still the total expense comes far less than $70 and hence perturbs the hardcore smoker only little. Also, with such cheap Marlboro cigarettes available freely, the customers never drifts towards spurious or low quality ones. True, cheap premium cigarettes doesn’t shield a smoker against smoking hazards, but still it is far off better than low quality tobacco ones.

How to make order?

It is very easy to place an order on our site.

  1. Choose the brand you would like to buy (column from the left side of the site). Then choose the brand-style and the purchase option (1, 2-4 or 5-8 cartons — Please take into consideration the price diminution while choosing more then 1 carton.) and click «Purchase». You will be redirected to Shopping Cart.
  2. In Shopping Cart you choose the order amount and click «Proceed to Checkout». You will be redirected to Shipping\Billing form.
  3. Please complete all the fields and click «Review Your Order».
  4. Choose the Payment Option (Credit Card or E-Check) and go to «Secure Checkout». You will be redirected to a the 128bit SSL Secured Page.
  5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail about your transaction. In a short time you will receive another letter on the email address that will confirm the shipment. Within 1 and 3 weeks (usually 11 working days) you will receive your order directly to the door.

For additional information or if you have problems with ordering, please contact us at >e-mail or phone.

Is there a maximum order?

No. The quantity of cigarettes that can be purchased at is left to the discretion of customers who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur.

But please be aware that we do not accept large quantity orders from first-time customers. If this is your first purchase in our store maximum quantity is 12 cartons.

What is your Chargeback Policy?

Any customers attempting or threatening to do credit card chargebacks will immediately have their credit cards blacklisted among processors and will never be able to purchase on this site. More then that, these chargebacks will be challenged in the stipulated order. If you have any problems we are always ready to contact you to seek a solution, either to refund or to reship your order in line using our structured reship and refund procedure.

How can I find out my order status?

After you’ve placed your order you will be automatically notified by E-mail when we approve and ship your order.

Can you guarantee me the confidentiality?

We can 100% assure you, we do not report any information about our customers to any authorities.

I've already bought cigarettes from your site. Can I resell them?

No. This is out of the law in any country of the world.

What is the quality of sold cigarettes?

The cigarettes sold at are of the highest quality. Our products are made under license world manufacturers and all cigarette packs and cartons are properly marked and labeled by the corresponding tobacco companies.

Will you be offering new brands and styles of cigarettes in future?

We are always updating our assortment. That’s why our clients are able to buy the most famous and popular brands of cigarettes.

Can you promise me a prompt reaction to all my queries?

We assure you, we will promptly reply to all your letters or phone calls within 48 hours after receiving them. To ensure proper delivery of our emails, please add our e-mail address to your address book, trusted sender list or company white list.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with your product or service?

We offer Money Back Guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the purchased product or your parcel is lost, stolen or damaged you should inform us by e-mail.

What should I do If I haven't received my parcel within 21 days?

If you do not get the parcel in 21 days period after you made your purchase, you should obligatory call or e-mail us. We immediately start our own investigation, and if in 10 days period after that you still don’t get the parcel, you may choose:

  1. We send you the parcel once again to the amount of order you have made, as if you ordered it once again but you pay no money.
  2. We give you your money back.

Do you guarantee that no duty will be paid worldwide?

We cannot guarantee that no tax will be paid worldwide because some countries may occasionally apply the international postal regulations and standards. Countries in which we deliver parcels containing 200 cigarettes are exempted from taxes.

Which countries do you deliver cigarettes to?

We ship cigarettes worldwide except: Algeria, Angola, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, France, Gabon, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Democratic People’S Republic Of, Korea, Republic Of, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Madagascar, Martinique, Monaco, Mongolia, New Caledonia, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, San Marino, Spain, Swaziland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Zambia.

Do you have a waiting period before shipping the order?

The order is shipped within within 3 working days (the time differ on holidays). This time is given to you to change or update your postal address and/or the order items. In such cases you must immediately send us an e-mail with your changes. Please enclose your order number when writing about changes in your order.

How long do you deliver my order?

Any order will be delivered directly to your door within 1 and 3 weeks (usually 11 days).

Can I withdraw the order placed with your online store?

You can withdraw your order within 24 hours of its placement.